Fuel Your Business With Leadership

For years, we have studied how businesses manage their sales structures. We have noticed common elements to the sales concept, many of which are necessary to make a sales strategy operational. Still, the most successful businesses are parting away from blindly following business management textbooks to build upon one crucial element that could make the difference between meeting their sales goals and exceeding them. This element is the concept of leadership.

There are companies that put a strong emphasis on the basic components of a sales structure. Some of them focus on their sales processes, making sure that there is a standard operational procedure in place for every task or the most advanced customer relationship management software available for every sales representative. Others are all about skill development, providing or requiring their sales groups to comply with continuous training and seminars. While both components are necessary and strongly encouraged at all levels of an organization, there is still one essential element that can’t be left out of this formula.

The element of leadership should be the fuel that moves forward any sales group. Such leadership must be built upon trust, respect and results. It should be present at all levels of a business, not only at the individual level but also at the management and executive tiers. There is no magical or specific formula to develop the leadership component in your organization. It all depends on the personal experience of each individual and the culture you have or want to build in your organization. Still, there are basic guidelines that can be followed during the process. We want to share our top things to consider:

  1. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your team is essential. This analysis must include your own as a key member of the team.
  2. Avoid the punitive approach. One thing is to demand accountability, but a completely different one is to be abusive about it.
  3. Let people be and do the best they can do with their capabilities.
  4. Lead by example and not by intimidation. This rule will provide you years of outstanding results.

Ultimately, leadership seeks to potentiate the results that any individual can deliver for an organization through encouraging the mindset of that individual to deliver and own those results. This is the model that the professionals of Integro Success use and promote to enhance and optimize the sales force of any organization.

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