People Are A Business’ Most Valuable Asset

Every business is structured to pursue one common goal: achieving results.  Whether those results are defined in the form of sales, leads, growth and so forth, it is important to make an undeniable declaration: results are delivered by people.  Therefore, people are the most relevant aspect of any business.

Businesses cannot expect to achieve results and meet their goals if their focus and ultimate point of relevance is defined by a spreadsheet.  The “people element” of every organization always calls for a more comprehensive approach when considering the achievement of results. This comprehensive approach, tried and proven by Integro Success, must include an examination process of the business at the individual, managerial and executive levels.  This inner look could be quite revealing, showing fractures or gaps at the intersections where the different levels are supposed to meet.

Take for example a mid-size family business that continues to report losses quarter after quarter.  The “spreadsheet” analysis will probably reveal a salesforce that is not meeting its numbers and a management tier that is exceeding their budget projections.  When you bring the “people element” to the formula the approach changes, and you start looking into the root of that which is causing the salesforce to fail their goals or the management to miss controls.  You could find a salesforce that is living in their comfort zone or that is not inspired by its management or executives, and most likely a management team trying everything to make the numbers work.  Looking at and analyzing the fractures, you may find that a lack of appropriate direction or a lenient management style is in place, or even a combination of variables are indeed affecting the bottom line.

Understanding these fractures should call for a business review and possibly a shift in focus towards people rather than numbers – after all, as we’ve said before, people are the component that achieves the numbers.  In this process, roles within the organization could be redefined and a model of “shared ownership” must be considered in order to increase accountability and elevate the potential for growth of the business.  Modifying management styles and empowered approaches to the sales process will also result in an enhanced organization where people are the most valuable asset in practice and not just on paper.

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