Agents of Development and Growth

The textbook definition of the broader concept of management defines it as the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. In this new entry – the third of our advanced leadership series – we go beyond the mechanical and literal definition of management to expand on this concept as it is applied to business development and sales performance. In that sense, the concept of management needs to incorporate several principles, being the most important those related to leadership.

Integro Success advocates for management models that build upon the capabilities of a leader.  In simple words, people with the role and responsibility of managing other people should not see themselves as agents of control, and their role should not be performed as a mechanical process. People in these positions must see themselves as agents of development and growth, and their role should be performed to provide clear guidance and inspiration.

We highlight these traits as we have seen throughout recent experiences companies that focus on the technical capabilities of people instead of focusing in their leadership capabilities. Let’s illustrate this problem with a hypothetical situation. Let’s say that a company is seeking the replacement for a retiring sales manager. As evaluations move along, they narrow down the process to two regional sales executives, both with impressive sales records and extensive experience in the subject matter. When the race is even, and even when it is not, what should be the decisive factor? At the end of the process, it will all be about who has the capacity to lead and in leading most effectively, achieve results.

Leaders don’t simply manage a team. The leader provides a team with tools, direction and motivation to excel at their work and achieve goals. The leader is not there just to punish people, but to give them the wisdom and skills to self-evaluate and self-adjust themselves as challenges arise. More importantly, leaders won’t live forever. While their legacy can be source of long-standing inspiration, their roles in an organization will always be subject to an end. Therefore, developing new leaders is crucial and should be approached as a continuous exercise that businesses must always perform. Mechanical managers are incompatible with these principles as they could become the open wound that drive businesses to failure.

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