Connecting Generations

The challenge of managing millennial employees has become a hot topic among human resources specialists. The stream of young, tech-savvy, progressive and free-spirited people into the workforce is not only shaping the way companies do business, but also the management practices that they use to keep their operations running. In this entry, we don’t intent to provide a guideline on how to handle millennials in the workplace. We believe there’s already too much information available on that matter. Instead, we will focus on sales people and provide a general guideline to create common ground among the different generations in a sales group.

Parting from the fact that millennials are already becoming business leaders and that in the next 10 years they will dominate the employee market, we need to focus on how to handle the interactions between a mixed salesforce. This process must start with a thorough assessment to understand where are the general gaps in any given group. Which is the generation with a stronger grip? How will this generation distribution shift over time? Understanding the generational nature of a salesforce, its similarities and differences are crucial insights of the process.

As you build on your management tactics, be open to adjust them in consideration of the generational differences that were identified during the initial assessment. Integro Success promotes management tactics built upon the capabilities on people, and not the other way around. Consider using hybrid tactics that create common ground in the salesforce, and in the implementation of those tactics promote integration among generations. Have sales people from different groups work with one another, in order to induce a cross-generational learning process. Do not underestimate the talents of your younger personnel and never dismiss the wisdom of those older. The integration of both approaches will only benefit the growth of the business.

As the process moves forward, look for the fractures and address conflicts at their earliest stage. Be willing to readjust management tactics as the salesforce embraces diversity. The ultimate goal of this evolving process should be the development of a new generation of leaders able to transcend age and generation gaps in order to carry forward the success of the business from a sales perspective. Keep in mind that in order to keep a business running it will be impossible to close the generation gap. Instead, business leaders should seek to build bridges that connect cross-generational skill-sets to benefit the individuals, the work teams and ultimately the company.  For a customized consultation on how to build those bridges among your salesforce, contact us at (954) 610-4247 or send an email to

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