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Shaping Leaders Through Collaboration

Learn about the traits of a leader through the success stories of every-day business leaders. This is the story of Luis Armando Torres, founder of Engine-4, a space of collaboration dedicated to technology.  Through his story, we learn about clarity of vision, convening power and serviceability.

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Connecting Generations

The challenge of managing millennial employees has become a hot topic among human resources specialists. The stream of young, tech-savvy, progressive and free-spirited people into the workforce is not only shaping the way companies do business, but also the management practices that they use to keep their operations running. In this entry, we don’t intent…

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Agents of Development and Growth

The textbook definition of the broader concept of management defines it as the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. In this new entry – the third of our advanced leadership series - we go beyond the mechanical and literal definition of management to expand on this concept as it is applied to…

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Leadership development: A new mandate for the academic world

There should be no doubt that education plays a major role in the development of human beings and the evolution of a society. But education alone will not drive a person to its maximum productivity and capabilities. Taking from the words of President John F. Kennedy on his 1963 address in Dallas, Texas, “leadership and…

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The Fallacy of Today’s Customer Service Practices

More and more frequently, people and businesses are publicly reporting their level of dissatisfaction with the service they receive from some of their providers. Recent reports by the American Customer Satisfaction Index show that aggregate customer satisfaction in the United States remains depressed at the lowest level in over a decade.  While there could be…

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People Are A Business’ Most Valuable Asset

Every business is structured to pursue one common goal: achieving results.  Whether those results are defined in the form of sales, leads, growth and so forth, it is important to make an undeniable declaration: results are delivered by people.  Therefore, people are the most relevant aspect of any business. Businesses cannot expect to achieve results…

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Salesforce management styles

Sales reviews often come with a laundry list of structural changes that need to be implemented to achieve better sales results.  In some instances, those changes focus on the tasks, responsibilities and the tactical approach of sales people.  However, a comprehensive review requires a deeper critical analysis that includes the middle level performance of the…

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Fuel Your Business With Leadership

For years, we have studied how businesses manage their sales structures. We have noticed common elements to the sales concept, many of which are necessary to make a sales strategy operational. Still, the most successful businesses are parting away from blindly following business management textbooks to build upon one crucial element that could make the…

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Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership — starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers ...

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Harvard Business Review: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance

When the theory of emotional intelligence at work began to receive widespread attention, we frequently heard executives say—in the same breath, mind you—“That’s incredible,” and, “Well, I’ve known that all along.” They were responding to our research that showed an incontrovertible link between an executive’s emotional maturity, exemplified by such capabilities as self-awareness and empathy,…

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