We opened our company 3 years ago and for 3 years felt like we were stumbling through the business side of things. We were making all kinds of mistakes we didn’t even know we were making. We realized that we needed to make some changes but didn’t know how. We feel so fortunate to have met Jaime and now have him as the most important part of our team. Through his coaching, yes, we have seen quantifiable profits that we didn’t have before (our business has grown 4 times since we started with him!) but he has also shown us a lot about who we are as people and helps us relate that to being a business owner, which plays a huge role in how we run our business. He is not only gifted on the pragmatics of the business financials side but also highly encouraging like a friend. On top of being the best financial investment we have ever made he has become a person that we’ve grown to genuinely love and care for as a friend. And that comes from Jaime’s personality, integrity, honesty, openness, encouragement, and the list goes on. Yes. I recommend Jaime!

Katie Gutierrez
President, Errez Design


Jaime Yordan-Frau conducted an incredible workshop for the members of Women Helping Women Mastermind. He is an outstanding speaker. In two short hours, Jaime was able to motivate and inspire the attendees and help them find their passion in life. His workshop was truly life-changing. I highly recommend Jaime Yordan-Frau. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to having him speak again at a future event

Christina Rowe
Woman’s Business Mastermind Group


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Now there are another couple of great adjectives to describe you; Brilliant and Insightful. We accomplished in three hours last night what I have been working on for months on my own and for too long to admit to with that other coach. You are tremendous! I have always considered myself an extremely lucky person, once again that thought is reinforced. I am so fortunate to have met you… Thanks

Marty E. Davis
Legal Solutions Group, P.L.


It is hard to describe in words my experience with Jaime Yordan-Frau and his exceptional coaching skills at Integro Success Unlimited. As a business owner, at times we forget that we don’t know it all and need to seek the expert advice from professionals who will assist in pointing us in the right direction, offering other solutions/recommendations that we do not see because we are too close to the issue, or guide us to really take a look at our wants and needs and how to align those wants and needs to running our respective businesses better. These are just a few of the things that Integro Success Unlimited provided to me and my business. In the end, my success, is their success and by accurately identifying the “holes” or challenges within the business, it is only a matter of time before success is achieved almost effortlessly.

Jaime’s experience and professional manner makes it that much easier to communicate the challenges of running a business but at the same, provides you with the “light at the end of the tunnel” that is sometimes forgotten or hidden. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the support, guidance and encouragement that Jaime provides.

Integro Success Unlimited is essential to me and my business and a welcomed part my ongoing growth and development as person and as a business owner.

Karla Faundez
President and Founder, ELEVA Solutions, Inc.


I want to personally thank Integro Success Unlimited for helping my company focus on our vision by injecting passion to our team. I first used them to train my sales team, which resulted in an amazing change in attitude and an increment of 26% in revenue. I’m currently using their Executive Coaching Program for strategic planning and accountability; and we just started with a managers training for some managers in the company. All in all, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the results we have been achieving without Jaime Yordan Frau’s coaching and guidance. Thank you!

Cesar Quintero


We, at Valezar & Associates Inc., are extremely impressed with the impact your strategic planning workshop has made on our business. As a team we were able to put together integrated goals that were accepted by all. It’s hard to put into words what a difference you have made. I think anything I write would sound like an exaggeration or a lie. I don’t know what you did or how you did it but in a few hours we were able to come up with an action plan, team excitement and a momentum that’s already yielding results.

Since the day you came the synergy of the group has improved 100%. The production levels have gone up together with the quality or the work been done.

Because the results were so much higher than I even expected, we will continue to use your services in our business as a trusted advisor and business coach.

Mirtha Almanzar
President, Valezar & Associates Inc.


When I knew that Jaime had a company that specializes in providing coaching to individuals and corporations I contacted him so he could help me in the set up and organization of my relocation services to executives in Panama City, Panama.
Since the first day I felt that Jaime’s efforts were moving me in the right direction. I received from Jaime a top-quality professional service. He always approached me with questions that helped me structure my new business, provided guidance on how to capture the interest of new clients, and presented ideas on the development of an internet site for the Company among other things.

His strategies as well as his continued support provided me with the ideas necessary to the development and set up of Go to Panama Relocation Services. His coaching skills and guidance helped make my dream of establishing my own business come true. The coaching received from Jaime was a first-class service at every session and intervention. He is a very dynamic and reliable professional and I recommend him and his Company Integro Success Unlimited.
Thanks Jaime for all your experience and support!!!!

Liza Bonilla
President, Go to Panama Relocation Services, Clayton, Panama